When a Woman Discovers Her Dream: Finding Gods Purpose for Your Life

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Aloneness creates vulnerability God knew it. The presence of God creates your joy. Your mate is a gift from God to you. That gift is intended to protect your focus, reduce distractions and create a climate of protection. Focus often creates blindness. When you are looking North, you cannot see South.

Someone else is needed for your protection, so, God provides the gift of a mate. Unfortunately, some who qualify for our attention are often unqualified to receive our heart.

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Points to consider:. Talk to God together. Truth will emerge in His Presence that cannot emerge anywhere else. Interrogation will never produce what His Presence will. Time will expose what a thousand investigators could never produce. Define your present relationships honestly and clearly. If you persist in an unwholesome relationship, painful consequences will teach you. Never lean to your own understanding.

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Lean to the heart of God. Ask the Holy Spirit what He sees in those near you. He always will reveal truth to the seeker.

Recognition Of The Mate God approves for you will bring years of joy, enthusiasm and fulfilment. Psalm Recognise the Mate God has Approved for You. Free Newsletter. The proof of love is the desire to give. Jesus explained it. Too often, marriage becomes an exchange.

Exchange is the evidence of business, not love. I am not referring to expensive gifts, money or clothes. A listening ear, flexibility, patience and the willingness to be corrected are gifts. When good things happen, who is the first person you desire to phone? Pay attention to that. Celebration is a compass. Those you love to celebrate with are clues to the puzzle of your life.

When uncommon love exists, uncommon celebration is normal. Uncommon love does not compete with the success of another.

It tastes and savours and enjoys the pleasure of another. Several years ago, a lady excited me, yet the relationship struggled. She enjoyed play far more than the presence of the Holy Spirit. You know a man by studying his focus. I watched a wife wave good-bye to her husband one morning.

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She was at the front door waving. I understood why he was so excited about driving off to work…where someone would greet him at the door with a bright smile, pressed clothes and perfume. You are a walking message to those you love. Would you fly on a plane with seats broken, egg on the tie of the pilot, missing buttons and torn seats? Of course not.

What else has not been corrected in the engine? He is the king of this house. Questions reveal desire. Questions reveal humility. Who are their heroes?

What Mother Teresa Taught Me About Meaningful Work and Service

You become like those you admire. You adapt the habits of those you envy. Who is their dominant mentor? At whose feet do they sit consistently? If they rebel against the counsel of their pastor, they are living undisciplined, uncovered and unadvised. Tragedy is scheduled. I was attracted to a lady and inquired about her to the pastor and his wife. That simply said, she is a long way from where she should really be. Improvement is revealed by the decrease of conflict. Conflict occurs through opposite goals, philosophies or beliefs. Bonding should increase unity and brings a decrease in contention and strife.

Strife is the evidence of opposite belief systems. Repentant people are not arrogant. Repentant people do not blame others for their decisions. Memories of mistakes should produce sorrow and heartache.


When a Woman Discovers Her Dream

When regret is not expressed the offence usually occurs again. Some people never repent for the past mistakes. They have not tasted the painful consequences of their rebellion. They do not possess a true fear of God. They believe they are beyond judgement. It is futile to pursue a relationship with someone who does not possess an obvious fear of God. Uncorrected conduct becomes repeated conduct. The fear of God keeps a mate faithful.