The Mesnevi (book 1) and the Acts of the Adepts

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Attar of Nishapur. Bo Utas. Makan Rohi. Henry Wilberforce Clarke. Arthur Naylor Wollaston. Samuel Robinson. Skip to content. Sadi's Bustan and Gulistan Saadi 4. Poeme Persane Baba Tahir 4. The Discontented Dervishes Saadi 4.

Saadi Stories for Young Adults Saadi 4. The Bustan Of Sa'di Saadi 4. Sadi's Scroll of Wisdom Saadi 4. Selections of Persian Literature Abolqasem Ferdowsi 4. Divan of Sadi Saadi 4. Rubailer ve İlk Gazeller Saadi 3. International Pony Girl Show Saadi 5.

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L'arbre de la foi Saadi 5. The Book of Sadi: Saadi 5. The Rose Garden Saadi 5. Ruba'iyat of Sadi Paul Smith 5.

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The first chapter of the Gulistan Saadi 4. So much for free speech. It was never free. This is just an old tactic to sell something, to call it free.

The MesnevĪ (usually Known As the MesnevĪyi SherĪf, Or Holy MesnevĪ)

All things have consequences. Those who bring things about shall bear their own consequences, in this life, or immediately following it. That's how speech works.

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How is something free, if it costs someone else something? Sounds like its then stolen, not free. Have you ever taken someone's dignity? Is this prudent? Was this free too? Or did it cost the person it was taken from? Though shalt not steal.. Beware what is labeled as FREE for things are not as complicated here as one loves to imagine. Opportunity comes disguised as difficulty, and difficulty comes disguised as opportunity. This is a simple sleight of hand used by the Creator to keep the opportunists a hair breadth away from their own destruction, and in chains all their lives.

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This is also a method to reward those who are not lazy, for sloth is also a deadly sin. Does it take a prophet to cut through the arrogance? Your species is too cynical to receive a prophet, if they ever were less closed, is still a mystery to me. And your Lord is Most Generous, who taught by way of the pen.

He taught humanity what they did not know. Some people choose to use their pen for other things. Danish newspaper editor Flemming Rose, and cartoonist Kurt Westergaard decided to exercise free speech by criticizing Muslims, and drawing blasphemous cartoons of the prophet Mohammed.

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In the after math, more than people died in protests, and multiple assassination attempts have been made against Kurt Westergaard. Danish Prime Minister Rasmussen admittedly called this incident Denmark's worst international relations incident since the Second World War. The presiding "intellectuals" deemed that it was a valid exercise of freedom of speech. Was it free? Just because they can get away with it, should they?

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They put themselves above an entire civilization, and hide behind their own. They argued, and continue to argue, it is their right. Bestowed upon them by whom? And for what? Kurt Westergaard and Flemming Rose should not be under police protection, but imprisoned for causing mass death, they are criminals. They had antagonized over one billion people intentionally.

By their own law, this is insiteing a riot, many many riots. The Christian backed governments have made laws, knowing that the people are spiritually impoverished, and will use these laws to fight each other endlessly, while the war lords line their pockets. And what does this western army stand for?

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Idolatry, intolerance, disrespect, ignorance, theft, arrogance "Free Speech"? Why don't people insist upon True Speech?

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Because free speech allows for conflict, and lies. Speech should be free amongst one another. But in a crowd, and in public, speech should be beneficial, honest and morally sound or reserved. Respect, tolerance, and intelligence are to be shared publicly. Any speech that aims to create confrontation or aggression is against the will of God.

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Oh, but those Godless ones can get away with it.. Do not allow the actions of idiots to reserve a place for you in the fire at the end of your days. Remember, no - ledge. I cannot defend the violent activities of those who would Jihad with their brothers. However, those who can do simple mathematics can deduce what will happen if you provoke someone who is armed and unstable.