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This happens when you have a hard time getting a word out. You may pause for a long time or not be able to make a sound. You may stretch a sound out for a long time, like c oooooooooooo kie. Repetition s. You may repeat parts of words, like co-co-co- cookie. Abnormalities in speech motor control. Some evidence indicates that abnormalities in speech motor control, such as timing, sensory and motor coordination, may be involved.

Stuttering tends to run in families. It appears that stuttering can result from inherited genetic abnormalities. My mother briefly stuttered when she was a child but grew out of it as she got older into her teenage years. The speech-language pathologists and yes I have seen many tell me if the parent recovers from stuttering at a young age, then the child who stutters can correct the disfluencies quick. It is just a part of who I am.

The older I get, the more I understand it is a part of just how I am wired. Stuttering can feel paralyzing at times or like you have no control. Either no words come out, just silence. Think about that. How many times do you think about breathing during a normal conversation? How many words go by before you take your next breath? I need to think about all of that as I am trying to get through a couple words at a time.

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Sometimes I forget to breathe for a while that I almost pass out or I have to take a breath at the most awkward time during the conversation. That could change the entire meaning or how the recipient understands what I said. As I am trying to get through the disfluency, I may be faced with someone in front of me who is:. Very seldom do I experience the first one.

Being a stutterer for over 24 years has taught me many things. Through all the teasing, laughing, awkward moments, tears, depression, and so on, I never saw it as a handicap. I never acknowledged it as an impediment. Just like others are tall, short, brunettes, have freckles, prefer salty over sweets, are allergic to nuts, are organized, stuttering is the same. That is how we should see it. It is just the way I was wired. You are the way you are, and that is perfect.

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I strive to be the best everything, every day. Stuttering helps me see that I can do more. I can push myself to reach incredible feats. I can present a pitch to a group of executives. I can help an entire class learn how to program. I can speak to new people at conferences.

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I can have lasting friendships to laugh and joke with. I can have a husband who is by my side no matter what. I can have the most awesome little boy who looks up to his mother and knows I love him.

None of the above was easy. I definitely had my fair share of tears and heartbreak. I believed in me and just kept going. I wanted to share this to bring awareness around stuttering.

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Stuttering is very real. Oh, and don't rely on MSConfig as a startup manager.

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That displays only like a tiny fraction of your startup programs. SBMfromLA :. What is your cpu usage when this is happening? Oct 19, 3, 1 21, There are many reasons for this: In games like Deus Ex, its poor optimization of resources. In games like Stalker is mostly file size related I had this problem in the past, now I dont have it anymore. If you have enought ram, and the hard drive is set NOT to go to sleep after a certain amount of idle time, it should load without too much problem.

Also you cant compare CS go and Street fighter 4 to games like rage, deus ex, stalker etc. Games like cs go or SF4 have almost nothing that requires your cpu to get out of bed, much less work. Games like stalker have advanced AI, life, flora, fauna, weather Now, I am unsure of hitman absolution, I played it but dont know much about how it works. Its kinda like saying, the guy who has 6 jobs is making more mistakes than the guy who has 1 job, I wonder why that is. I just wondered why some games fail to load things smoothly or do these sorts of things, can be kinda distracting sometimes!

One thing to bear in mind is.. Rage, for example, played awful with AMD cards.. I used to get terrible stuttering in that game. Deus Ex played great, though. ZeroWhite Honorable. Jan 9, 98 0 10, Running games off a solid state drive can sometimes get rid of problems like that. Sometimes hard drives are just not quick enough to play games smoothly without hitting a snag on the loading of lots of different objects and textures.

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SSDS are usually worse at games than Hdds they load faster the "loading" screen, but have more lag in game. I have an SSD installed on my computer but I don't ever install games onto that. I use my second hard drive for all my game installs I'm not sure what could be causing your problem..

You could try a program like SuperAntiSpyware the best at removing tracking cookies to test out that theory. What about going into Task Scheduler and deleting the Trigger for creating a System Restore point on boot? Jul 8, 12, 17 43, You are seeing the effects of frame latency. Simple as that. Remember: FPS measures frames drawn over a second. What that means, is over one second, a certain number of frames have been created. That does NOT mean they are all displayed in a uniform matter. A standard 60Hz display will refresh an image every If the GPU ever does not complete an image before the screen refreshes, the previous image is displayed to the screen.

As a result, you can get a pattern that looks like this. That's what can happen if one frame takes a very long time to complete. So while FPS says the game is running fine, in reality, the frame latency makes the game a stuttery mess. It isnt related to that issue, this happens at specific times under specific circumstances, i know what you're trying to explain.

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But this issue is something else. Take for example, Borderlands 2, on both my rigs and my friends if you walk past a certain point the game stutters, sometimes it shows the fps hitting 59 on fraps and But some games like Borderlands 2, Mirrors Edge, Batman and a few others seem to sometimes stutter randomly, never for extended periods of time, but like for a split second when doing something Like, going past a bridge on Crysis or walking into a cave in Tomb Raider or walking into a camp area in Far Cry 3.

I dont know if i am just over thinking this, it seems to happen on so many games that i tend to think its a problem with my rigs, it just makes me worry.

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Most people probably dont even notice it, my friend doesnt on his rig yet i do. Its never a consistent stutter, it isnt like frame skipping constantly or bugging the hell out, it just happens in some games like that. How much of the space in the HDDS is used?

How much is free? I ask because anotehr typical reason for those shutters is having a rather full HDD, or in general having a lot of data on a HDD. In this case, It simply takes some time for the HDD to find the data. Then I am running out of ideas 8. Like i say, i just believe its the way some games render new content into action at certain points.

Nothing i should be too concerned about! You must log in or register to reply here. Any fixes? PC Gaming 7 Aug 17, Question High cpu usage and low gpu usage , games start stuttering at fps. Post thread. Started by merudo Today at AM Replies: 2. Graphics Cards.